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After his latest collaborations with Red Baron and John LaMonica, Rumpistol now returns with a sound that’s both fresh and outgoing, while giving a nod to his earlier instrumental efforts.

The first single from his new album, "Away" is called "Asleep" and opens the door to the subconscious mind of the Danish artist – a place populated by thumb pianos, ancient lullabies and microhouse beats working in odd meters. “Dreams have always been a great creative inspiration for me," Rumpistol says. "I think it's an important aspect of life that we unfortunately tend to forget as soon as we wake up."

The lyrics of the song originate from the traditional Danish folk song "Tornerose" (Sleeping Beauty), a source that becomes more apparent while watching the video, featuring a Portuguese girl who falls down an invisible rabbit hole into a strange animated world.

There are 3 remixes of "Asleep" included on this release: the UK's Kelpe delivers an aquatic moog-fest of a remix, Danish newcomer Bwoy De Bhajan adds Amon Tobin-esque snares to his “dreamtech” version while Poland’s Bueno Bros takes the track into tech-house territories.

Cat. No: RUMPEP007


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HARTBEATS playing "Asleep" video in HARTBEATS XXVII. November 21st, 2013:
THE CHRMISTRY Kelpe Remix played in Missed The Elements #3 Mix. November 21st, 2013: ZAMAZINGOO posted the video for Asleep on 'The up-&-comers' section. November 21st, 2013: FILTHY MUSIK featured video of Asleep.
November 21st, 2013: THE 3 BITS featured "Asleep" in Kickstarter video made to raise money for new episodes of their alterinative NYC TV-show. November 22nd, 2013: CATALUNYA RADIO Asleep played in LAPSUS #12, amb The Suicide Of Western Culture. November 22nd, 2013: SONGTREAT selected and posted the single.
November 22nd, 2013: THE 3 BITS featured "Asleep" in 2nd Kickstarter video made to raise money for new episodes of their alterinative NYC TV-show. November 23rd, 2013: NOVIKARADIO by Dj Novika (PL). November 25th, 2013: BASIC SOUL RADIO SHOW Simon Harrison played Bwoy De Bhajan's Remix for Asleep in the 700th radio show. November 29th, 2013: TESTSPIEL.DE played Asleep video.
November 26th, 2013: RADIOACTIVE-88.6FM Jet Jaguar played Kelpe Remix. November 30th, 2013: MOVIMENTA.COM playing original and Kelpe remix. DEcember 1st, 2013: NOVIKARADIO playing Kelpe's remix of Asleep. December 2nd, 2013: LYDTAPET.NET featuring the Asleep video. December 4th, 2013: MR2 - Petőfi Rádió (HU) Fine Cut Bodies playing "Asleep (Bwoy De Bhajan remix)". December 6th, 2013: UNIVERSITETSRADIOEN 95,5 FM Spacebounce playing Asleep. December 12th, 2013: UNDERTONER featuring video and Bwoy de Bhajan Remix. December, 2013: ALT+M featuring Asleep video. December 15th, 2013: HIGHONBEATS.COM featuring Asleep video and all 3 remixes. December 16th, 2013: THEMAININGREDIENT-EASTVILLAGERADIO Jon Oliver playing Kelpe Remix.


Photo: Tobias Wilner

Photo: Michael Bojesen