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Heidi Mortenson Mørk EP

Heidi Mortensen - Mørk EP by rump

After 4 years of silence Heidi Mortenson releases new music, the EP titled Mørk (Dark), a work coming from a vastly different place than the extroverted, electronic, upbeat universe she has previously been known to inhabit.

"The music is inspired by a bleak and dark time in a stagnant chaos. Mørk is a landmark of my earlier works, but the sound and aesthetics are radically different. It is more analogue, mature, and, interestingly, the texts are in Danish. I feel it's a whole new beginning for me."

The result of this reinvention of expression is an EP split into two sides.

Side A is characterized by dreamy vocals, acoustic horns and a tight sound built upon a foundation of heavy electronic beats. Beautiful melodies and dark lyrics intertwine with Mortenson’s musical ferocity and fierceness.

In contrast, Side B is driven by floating acoustic surfaces, reverb and minimal pieces. Where the previous set of tracks induces the urge to run out and experience the world, this side conjures reflection, patience and profoundness. Here Mortenson uncovers her demons, angels and the fragile aspects of existence in ways that capture the listener with intimacy.

In both sides a Scandinavian sound shines throughout, but there is a clear and nuanced interaction with other musical traditions and cultures, making Mørk in many ways an indefinable lovechild of unknown parents.

After 12 years abroad, where English and Spanish were her main languages, the change to Danish lyrics have a special significance for Mørk. "The words are rooted deeper in my system than those of the English language, in which the contents may be distanced by the language being secondary." The near-primal contact with language here helps bind the music and lyrics to one another and delivers a sense of honesty and immediacy.

Mørk is written, produced and mixed by Heidi Mortenson and is released on RUMP, March 5th, 2012.

Tourdates 2012:
13/4 - Stars. Vordingborg
27/4 - Lyd og Literatur Festival. Radar. Aarhus
05/5 - Click Festival. Helsingør
11/5 - Radar. with Rumpistol. Aarhus
12/5 - Ideal Bar. with Rumpistol. Copenhagen
17/5 - Studenterhuset. with Rumpistol. Aalborg
18/5 - Kulisselageret. with Rumpistol. Horsens

22/05 - K4. with Austra. Nurnberg. Germany
23/05 - Centraltheater. with Austra. Leipzig. Germany
27/05 - Meet Factory. with Austra. Prague. Czech
28/05 - Arena. with Austra. Vienna. Austria
30/05 - Spazio 211. with Austra. Turin. Italy
31/05 - Frauenraum. with Austra. Bern. Switzerland