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Quasi Dub Development Limousine To The Guillotine

Quasi Dub Development - Limousine To The Guillotine by rump

Being fans of the German musician F.S.Blumm for many years now, it is with great honour that we can present his latest project on Rump: The Quasi Dub Development.
Shortly after the release of their 'F.S. Blumm meets Luca Fadda' collaboration album, these “two peculiar geniuses" (Christoph Büscher/Intro) joined up with Alessandro Coronas to perform their new work in a Sardinian church.
But it was on the next day, while walking along a wintry beach, that Luca and Frank discovered their shared love of dub, and from that point the idea of the "Quasi Dub" was born.
The idea: to replace dub’s essential bass with the tuba, to replace the tuba with a modulated trumpet, to replace Jamaica with Sardinia. Then add all this to those dreaded bricolage sounds of Blumm… forcing a deliberate confusion to take hold!
With this agreed everyone went back home to Berlin, New York and Cagliari, recording independently, each for themselves, but with the idea still in mind and the lasting thought of "one for all and all for one".

The result is a cocktail of cultures: invoking the spirits of dub while living across its borders in a whole other world; off the tracks but always close to the heart, very personal… very direct. The specific ingredients are a charming blend, with a breathtaking brass section (with special guest Jason Candler on Saxophone) interacting with an Italian sense of melody and a German feel for clarity and precision. Amongst all this lies a great playfulness, an opening of horizons that’s full of varying perspective, both uplifting and a little melancholic at the same time.

F.S.Blumm: "king of pling", master of the "bricolage-sound" on bass.
Luca Fadda: man on the horn, man on the wah-wah and the whammy-pedal.
Alessandro Coronas: mr. unpredictable supersonic-speed-champion on drums.
All highly skilled, classically trained musicians with varied biographies (reaching from game-music composer to Manhattan café-owner) who’ve met repeatedly on stages on either side of the Atlantic.

The live idea of QDD is to perform modular, meaning there will be various line-ups serving the QUASI DUB: a duo (with Blumm on bass and Boris Hegenbart on electronics/live-dubs) a trio, and a quartet.... all different versions working on the same musical material and the same ideological imprint: working on the dirty spirit of dub!
The title “Limousine to the Guillotine” is a reference to Miles Davis' soundtrack to Louis Malles "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" (Elevator to the Gallows) from 1958.
As seen to the right there will be no less than 8 bonus tracks for the digital version of the album. Remixers include: Thomas Knak aka Opiate, Jason Forrest , Kim Hiorthøy, Guido Möbius and Loopspool (Tied + Tickled Trio).

01) A Rudder Flu
02) Cobalt Marmelade Pump
03) Dormitory Nozzle
04) Loose Leach
05) Knotty Moss
06) Guts and Flowers
07) Horn Therapy
08) Ink Lingerie Techniques
09) Elastic Plastic
10) Joystick Attack

BONUS TRACKS digital version (LP comes with free download coupon):
11) Muddy Napkin
12) Floating Furniture
13) Big Fluffy Tyres
14) Guido Möbius: Quadubment
15) Jason Forrest: A Rudder Flu
16) Loopspool (tied + tickled trio): Guts and Flowers 2nd Order
17) Thomas Knak (aka Opiate): Joystick Dub Attack
18) Kim Hiorthøy: Elastic Plastic Remix

The album was nominated for the GAFFA award in 2011 in the category Best Danish Electronic Album.