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Rumpistol Talk To You EP

Talk To You EP - Teaser by Rumpistol

Rumpistol, aka Jens B. Christiansen, has long become recognized for the detailed production of his work, which walks the border between abstract electronica and a more immediate mode of melodic exploration.

With this new EP, “Talk to You”, the pleasing dissonance his original style creates has been tightened and infused with a fresh sense of purpose and a sudden directness, with much of this coming from the vocals that dominate every track.

Rumpistol employs a mixture of cut-up and processed sampling, synthesized vocals and vocals sung by the producer himself, adding a new dimension to the sound.

The key to the EP is how direct it is. It’s as if the accumulated ideas and themes of the past have been pulled together and re-carved quickly to strip away their excess. In line with this approach and to “avoid fiddling around with the tracks forever”, a tight deadline was imposed on the recording process.

The resulting immediacy of sound and emotion has strong references to soul and R&B, with the essentially elements of IDM, glitch and dubstep alongside, albeit with a wonky twist.
A style which Rumpistol has tongue-in-cheek referred to as “Broken Soul”.

The tag seems more appropriate when looking closer at the titles, whose single lines or phrases make up the bulk of the lyrical content within the tracks. Talk To You, Don't Go, We're Not Gonna Make It, Through All This Madness… each title conjures feelings of isolation, dependency and despair, and yet embedded into the music of each track there comes an exuberant and unmistakable joy in the act of creation. This irony is nowhere more apparent than on We’re Not Gonna Make It, where the blankly pessimistic refrain becomes, as if by some strange magic, an uplifting and life-affirming celebration.

The artwork for the EP was done by Dutch artist Zeloot.

Side a:
1. Talk To You
2. Don't Go
Side b:
3. We're Not Gonna Make It
4. Through All This Madness
+ bonus Tracks (digital):
5. In This Song
6. Talk To You (System Remix)
7. Through All This Madness (Aslope Remix)

All vinyls come with a free download coupon that gives access to the whole album as MP3 (320 kbps) plus 3 bonus tracks, including a remix from System and one from Aslope