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In 1994 Anders Remmer (aka Dub Tractor), Thomas Knak (aka Opiate) og Jesper Skaaning (aka Acustic) met around the compilation series 'Boredom Is Deep And Mysterious', which they were compiling for April Records. After having used the name D.A.W.N. for a while, they changed their name to Future 3.
With their cool minimalism and their intelligent mix of dub and ambient, Future 3 made quite an impact on the electronic scene at that time.
After Kruder & Dorfmeister listed Future 3´s debut album 'We Are the Future 3' as one of their top 5 albums of all time, the trio were catapulted into the collective conciousness of lovers of electronic music. Since the early Future 3-days, the trio has found pleasure in experimenting with different electronic genres of the day, from the melodic dub-ambient on the debut 'We are the Future 3' to the understated escapades into drum´n´bass on their breakthrough hit: 'The Boy From West Bronx' from 1998´s 'Stay With'.
Where 'Like...' from 2001 was close to being pop-electronica (with vocals by Jonas Bjerre of Mew among others), the 'System' album from 2002 (released on Scape) saw the trio break away from the melodicism that had characterized their work since the beginning. The sound on the album was so strikingly different that the group felt a new name, System, was necessary.
Due to each groupmembers solo-output and label involvement, new group-material from Denmarks 3 electronic pioneers has become a quite rare experience. Many of Anders Remmer´s Dub Tractor releases on City Center Offices as well as Thomas Knak´s Opiate releases on April, Morr Music and Raster Noton (with Alva Noto as Opto) has long been acclaimed as milestones in modern electronic music. Thomas Knak has also been busy with his Hobby Industries label, producing for Björk on the Vespertine album as well as remixing for Efterklang, Sketch Show and Ryuichi Sakamoto. And then there is Jesper Skaanings´s Acustic project, which was featured on Rump in 2005 with the 'Welcome' album.
In a way Systems 'Tempo EP' continues the sound of the System album on Scape, only this time presented in a slightly faster tempo, hence the title. It´s no secret that the group have been listening to two-step and dub-step, but instead of being a rip off of the genre, System incorporates the UK-styles into their own sound universe, creating something that sounds much more like System than like Skream.

Photos by Claus Stener.


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